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Why Is Canada The Most Favourable Country For Indians To Work?
Published By : Ace Outsourcing  . 25-10-2021

Immigration to Canada happens usually when individuals from other parts of the world come with the purpose of residing there; be it for study, work or investment. Canada is known to be the eighth largest immigrant population in the world, while international people make up around one-fifth of the population here. The government helps immigrants settle into Canada by helping them understand their rights and responsibilities within the possible visa jurisdiction, integrating with the culture and prospects of staying in that livelihood.

In 2019, it was reported that Canada has witnessed a new trend where immigrant consultants/lawyers with food franchises, motels, or other types of businesses were more proactive in providing LMIA and permanent resident applications to students and other international immigrants. Here are some reasons why Canada is the best place you can go as an immigrant to settle down and have an awesome life.

Affordable & World-class Education

One of the most progressive countries to provide world-class education and diverse career opportunities has always kept its immigrants and international students covered with comfortable visa laws and regulations. Being an affordable option for most developing countries, the country boasts a rich diversity as people from around the world prefer to live a happy and peaceful life with high standardized education and internationally recognized degrees.

Degrees conferred by Canadian universities are not only recognized globally but also valued highly by international employers. This beautiful country holds some of the most distinct research-intensive universities. Such reliability, affordability and opportunities are not usually available in most of the countries that provide such higher education abroad.

Cost-efficient Living

At the end of the day when you come back from work, it is necessary to have a more reliable and affordable lifestyle and family time, giving a proper work-life balance. Be it social, financial, legal or political ambience, everything plays a vital role in the place you plan to settle down. Canada is a very favourable destination in terms of living a life with less hassles. The sense of security is holistic and drives many Indian and other international students to apply for work and study here. It has some of the lowest crime rates in the world and is extremely welcoming racial diversity.

Healthcare System

The Canadian health care system is publicly funded by the provincial, territorial and federal government bodies. There is universal health care coverage for all people in Canada, however, initially you may require services of a privately provided health care system till you obtain the common privilege. To access Canada's health care system, it is necessary to apply for a provincial health card. It usually has a waiting period of three months after which the health card is assigned. You can then visit a physician or health care provider in the locality nearby, under government practice. After obtaining this common public health care benefit, there are no forms required to be filled out or any other individual service fees.

Welcoming With Open Arms

Canada aims to welcome more than a million immigrants to study, work and settle down in the next five to ten years. They have been more welcoming than ever since 2018 and the trend is considered to continue in the long run. Canada considers immigrants to be vital for their economy. Also, Canadian businesses understand that newcomers will play a bigger role in stepping up the trend of roles in the market and workforce lifestyle changes. So, it is necessary to leverage the advantages and keep themselves competitive on the world stage.

However, it is necessary to understand that though Canada has been extremely welcoming, it has continued to maintain high levels of immigration inorder to avoid any negative impacts of onboarding huge numbers of immigrants. This is mainly due to the possible economic downfall or aging population and low birth rate, if not handled wisely on the larger picture. These challenges can be neutralized by allowing immigrants to join the workforce and allowing them to settle down, and allowing their next generation to continue their life there.

Tight-knit International Communities

Places like Little India, Chinatown, Little Italy and Koreatown are found in Canada which catalyzes the whole journey of accepting the foreign land, making it the second home. South Asians are known to make upto 5% of the whole immigration population of Canada while nearly 1 million South Asians live in the Greater Toronto Area with several locations dedicated to many Indian families living together as a community.

There are several reasons why Canada can be your destination to work as an Indian. Apart from these advantages, you have a better healthcare system, benefits of being employed in companies, no restriction on public holidays, and paid leaves that also include maternity and paternity leave. To end this on an even more positive note, it is important to note that more than half the millionaires in Canada are immigrants or second-generation residents when compared to the rest of the one-third of America.

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