Singapore E Pass Visa

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Singapore E Pass Visa

Singapore E pass visa is employment pass visa, this visa allows foreigner to work in Singapore with minimum salary of 3,600 Singapore dollars.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have job offer in Singapore.
  • Work in a managerial, executive or specialised job.
  • Earn afixed monthly salaryof at least $3,600
  • Have acceptable qualifications

Visa Fee

Submit the application:

  • $70 for each pass

Pass is issued:

  • $150 for each pass
  • $30 for each
  • These are the steps you’ll take to apply:
Step Who does this Result
Submit an application Employer or EA In-principle approval letter or rejection letter
Get the pass issued Employer or EA Notification letter
Register fingerprint and photo (if required) Candidate Acknowledgment of card delivery
Receive the card Authorised recipients or candidate Employment Pass card
Return the old card Employer Use EP Online to confirm MOM received the old card

Processing Time

  • If you apply online: within 3 weeks for most cases.
  • If you apply manually: within 8 weeks for most cases.

Visa duration- E pass visa duration is for 2 years<

Documents Required

  • Educational Documents
  • Experience Documents
  • Civil Documents
  • Tax Proof Documents

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