Profile Evaluation

Evaluation is an integral part of the migration process in any country. It is the first step towards determining your eligibility to work, settle or study in a different country. Read along to know more about the evaluation processes.

What is evaluation?

Evaluation in an Immigration process means assessment of an applicant to determine whether they could be an economic asset to the country that they are migrating to and that they do not pose a danger to the security of the country.

Why is evaluation important in an immigration process?

Evaluation is an integral part of the immigration process. Governments of inviting countries and their Immigration authorities use evaluation to study various aspects of an applicant.

These are as follows:

  • Understanding Profile Demand
  • Analyzing Eligibility Traits
  • Checking the Criminal Background
  • Determining Health Conditions
  • Overall Examination of Intents

What are the different types of evaluation in an Immigration Process?

The following are different types of evaluation involved in an Immigration Process:

  • Profile Evaluation
  • Qualification Evaluation
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Character evaluation

What is the cost of evaluation for immigration in India?

Here’s a list of evaluation cost for different countries:

Evaluation Type Cost
Profile $ 29.26
Education $ 175.60
Skills Upto $ 3,925.24
Health $ 135.12
Character Upto $ 87.14

Who is the best evaluation expert in India for Immigration?

Ace Outsourcing is the best consultants in India with a specialization in evaluation:

  • We check your profile for visa eligibility for the best evaluation.
  • Our report is verified under a 3 stage process before it is released to you.
  • Our profile evaluation is known as Initial Evaluation Service.
  • We also provide expert guidance in your process of visa application.

Here’s a list of other services that we provide:

  • Resume writing
  • Post-landing services
  • Immigration
  • Permanent Residence
  • Visit Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Professional guidance

What is Initial Evaluation by Ace Outsourcing?

The Initial Evaluation Service by Ace Outsourcing is an initial service through which you can determine your eligibility to migrate to another country.

With the Initial Evaluation Service, you can determine the following aspects of your profile:

  • Your eligibility factors
  • Your score
  • Your profile demand
  • Your job and income scope
  • Your demand in specific provinces/states
  • Your job code
  • Your challenges of the process
  • Your financial capability
  • Your profile’s drawbacks
  • Your pathways or options to succeed in the process

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