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Apply for Germany Internship Visa

Are you interested in acquiring professional skills through a global Internship? To do so, Germany might be the best choice for you. Germany is quite popular among new graduate students to pursue professional skills in their area of interest. Nothing is equal compared to practical exposure that you receive through an internship, not even your university degree. An internship in Germany will help you gain practical exposure in your study fields which most of the candidates lack in.

It is mandatory for all non-EU nationals seeking a German internship to apply for an internship visa in Germany. Besides an internship offer from an organization in Germany, you need to acquire approval from the Federal Employment Agency (BA). your employer in Germany will apply for this document on your behalf. Also, if you possess documents supporting your visa application, you must apply for a Germany internship visa before travelling to the country. The maximum duration for an internship in Germany is 12 months and can only be extended in special cases.

Applying for the Germany internship visa can be a long or tiring process. You might lose the motivation to go on with the application process. But not to worry, as Ace Outsourcing is here to help you get through the difficult process of Germany internship visa application. Clearly you are looking for help that’s why you have arrived on this page. Thankfully, you found the experts. Ace Outsourcing get your visa as soon as you ask for it.

Who is Eligible for Training/Internship in Germany?

Anyone can apply for an internship in Germany. Fluency in German is not the primary condition for applying for an internship in Germany. Even if you have basic knowledge in the German language, you can apply for a relevant internship in your field. The employers are responsible for recruitment and requirements needed for the internship.

Here are the two most common ways of acquiring an internship in Germany:

  • Surf through the internet for internship opportunities
  • Apply through various job portals

Often organizations do not offer paid internships. Therefore, finding a paid internship should be your main concern. Interested candidates can contact Ace Outsourcing to apply for an internship visa in Germany.

Assessment Criteria for Germany Internship Visa

We do not advise you to take the very first opportunity of internship that comes into your way. There is an infinite pool of options, so you need to do your homework, be patient, and at the right moment, the perfect choice will appear to you. Moreover, based on the following pointer, the visa authorities assess every applicant whether they are qualifying the criteria for German internship visa or not.

  1. If an applicant is a genuine student who wishes to undertake an internship program in Germany, abide by all visa rules and conditions.
  2. Whether the applicant has adequate German language skills or not, required for the proposed internship in Germany.
  3. Whether the proposed internship program is relevant to the field of study of the applicant.
  4. Adequate financial resources to sponsor your stay in Germany during the internship period.

Who Needs a Visa for Internship in Germany?

If you already have an offer letter for an internship program in Germany, being an Indian national you need to apply for a Germany internship visa.

  • Nationals Who Don’t Need Germany Internship Visa- Passport holder of any of the European Union member states, the Economic Area, or the European Free Trade Area are allowed to work or do an internship in Germany without an internship visa. They can even move to Germany first and then start searching for the internship program. Beside EU nationals, individuals from Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and the United States of America are also not obliged to apply for Germany internship visa.
  • Nationals who need a Germany Internship Visa- Individuals from the countries apart from the countries mentioned above need to apply for a visa before entering the country. For that, they must find an internship in Germany to acquire the relevant visa from the embassy.

Ace Outsourcing is happy to assist you to apply for a Germany internship visa. Our expert visa agents are available on one call to process your visa application without any error.

Internship in Germany- Why Take it?

Many businesses that are nationally and internationally recognized are willing to recruit young and talented students or new graduates. There are countless reasons to take an internship in Germany, read along to find the most important reasons to apply for a Germany internship visa.

Countless Internship Options- Germany offers countless internship offers for individuals who never get settled for less. Therefore, providing you options to choose a perfect opportunity to add practical knowledge.

Learn from the Best- An internship in Germany is worth the efforts you put in the process of visa application. All your hard work will be paid off when you learn from the best. The country is a home for renowned professionals and leaders of the world. Therefore, by pursuing an internship in Germany, you can get a chance to work with the best in your industry.

Internationally Recognized Companies- As the world's fourth strongest economy, Germany is the country where many internationally recognized businesses are headquartered and is, therefore, a fantastic opportunity for you to obtain invaluable work experience.

German Language- The German language is statistically the commonly spoken native language on the European continent. In addition, millions of people worldwide speak German. If you take an internship in Germany, you can learn the German language easily. It will reward you in various ways both professionally and personally.

Get a Permanent Job- Chances are that your employer in Germany will decide to hire you as a full-time staff member once you complete your internship. Surely this depends on your overall performance and the company’s future plans, but chances still remain high.

Germany Internship Visa Requirements

To apply for an internship visa, you need to produce some important documents to prove your eligibility to enter Germany. The required documents for a Germany internship visa are:

  • Completely filled Germany visa application
  • A valid passport.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Proof of financial funds.
  • Educational certificates.
  • Proof of civil status.
  • Flight itinerary.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Health insurance.
  • Permission to work acquired from the Federal Employment Agency (BA).
  • Approval letter from the organization in Germany.
  • Letter from your current university.

You might also need to include documentation, depending on the embassy, that you don't have any police record. After the visa interview, the visa officer can require additional documentation. Please be careful about submitting them all.

Steps to Apply for a Germany Internship Visa-

You must prepare all the necessary documents weeks before submitting the application form. To ensure your visa, follow these specific steps to acquire Germany internship visa:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Gather the documents, keep photocopies and original both.
  • Take an appointment with the embassy. The appointment might get extended up to three months, therefore, apply accordingly.
  • Show up for your appointment on time.
  • Pay the visa fee.

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