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Internship in Dubai- An Overview

Dubai is known for its world-class facilities and prolific lifestyle. It is known for its skyscrapers, desserts, shopping malls, expatriate population and more importantly profitable platform for skilled graduates. Therefore, the idea of an internship in Dubai is a lucrative one. Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world and has been rated as the best place to live in the Middle East. It is also one of the most liberal cities in the world. Apart from being the hottest destination for vacation, Dubai is the perfect place to gain work experience through an internship program.

Finding an internship in Dubai is not an easy job due to the availability of fewer offers. Also, some employers are reluctant to release offers as they have to sponsor the trainee for the period of their internship in Dubai. But finding a good opportunity is not impossible either. If you want to access professional experience through Dubai internship programs, you must be well versed about the conditions that apply before proceeding.

Dubai Internship Requirements

If you desire for doing an internship in Dubai, Ace Outsourcing is providing you with basic requirements to guide you. The common requirement to apply for an internship in Dubai are:-

Profiles in Demand: The sectors experiencing major growth in recent years include renewable energy, logistics, tourism, real estate, finance, desalination, technology and tax specialists. Candidates from these profiles can try their luck in internship programs offered in Dubai.

Language Requirement: UAE comprises a vast immigrant population from countries like Egypt, Philippines, Western Europe, South Asia, etc. The major languages used in Dubai, UAE includes Hindi, Urdu, Persian, English and Arabic. You must know one of the languages mentioned above to qualify for an internship in Dubai.

    Basic Documents Required: : Some of the basic documents required for internship in Dubai for Indians students are:
  • Copy of visa
  • Copy of passport
  • NOC from candidate’s sponsor
  • Passport-size photo
  • Copy of Sponsor’s passport and visa page
  • Copy of offer letter

Dubai Internship- How it Helps Your Career?

Dubai Internships are practical work placement driven programs developed to provide trainees with professional experience in their field of study or the field they are working their career towards. The aim of introducing industry-specific opportunities to trainees is to enable them to develop a certain skill set that will boost their prospects of acquiring a meaningful job, building their careers and starting their future. Dubai internships programs can be customised based on individual needs by providing participants with the choice of location, industry, start date and duration. Dubai is unquestionably the best place to make the most of your internship, so by the time, you will be done with it, the experience you gain out of your internship in Dubai will help you make a dynamic career you’re looking to. It’ll make you ready to face the challenging world.

Important: The intern status is not recognized by the Emirati labour law.

Benefits of Internship in Dubai

Looking for an internship in Dubai? While there are so many countries where you can go to intern but, why Dubai? Maybe because it is one of the best cities for internship in UAE. also, one of the best city soaked in globalization in every sense of the word itself. With the thriving economy and the friendly nature of its locals, Dubai has been welcoming people from overseas with arms wide open.

  • Get real work done
  • Labour laws are simply awesome
  • Get acquainted with people from various cultures
  • Earn lucrative pay in Dirham
  • Enjoy the world-famous nightlife of Dubai
  • Dubai encourages gender equality for international students, therefore, it is the best place for women to gain global experience

Accommodation in Dubai

The cost of living or accommodation in Dubai can be quite expensive. However, the city doesn’t impose an income tax on citizens as well as immigrants. Most of the items other than rent and imported goods are comparatively costlier in Dubai than major countries like Canada, the U.K. and so on. But not to worry as accommodation, food and other facilities will be sponsored by your employer during your internship in Dubai. Healthcare facilities in Dubai are quite similar to many countries, offering a free emergency treatment, however, one will have to pay for further treatments. Many companies also offer medical insurance which is subject to vary depending on salary and position. The requirements are likely to differ across other emirates.

Internship in Dubai - How to Apply?

To find an internship in Dubai, seek job offers available on the internet. You can either adopt do it yourself approach or you can hire Ace Outsourcing for internship assistance for Dubai. We start your visa assistance part by gathering all the important documents, visa application and filing your internship profile to the concerned embassy. Our Ace visa agents are capable to provide you with all important information related to internship programs in Dubai.

  • We re-write your resume according to Dubai standards.
  • We float your resume through various job portals.
  • We lay emphasis on your skills.
  • We identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
  • We also try in various universities exchange programs.
  • We provide you with personalized interview training.
  • We prepare each candidate so that internship visa is easy to get.

How Ace Outsourcing Assist You Acquiring Dubai Internship

Ace Outsourcing coordinates internship programs by connecting students with a host organization in Dubai. The UAE, more precisely Dubai, attracts people from the entire world wanting to experience world-class facilities the city has to offer. The UAE is continuously being developed with more and more high-rise buildings and luxury hotels constructed which brings international investors and companies to the city. The ongoing expansion of the country is opening many internships offers for international candidates.

With such huge opportunities available, we constantly try to find the best opportunity for our clients who aspire to learn new professional skills through internship programs in Dubai. Our policies are 100 percent transparent and we do not have any hidden charges for applicants seeking an internship in Dubai.

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