Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa

On this page, you will learn all about the Canada tourist visa and how to apply for a tourist visa for Canada. Canada is famous among immigrants, especially Indians for various reasons such as work, leisure, tourism, etc. among all these reasons, Canada is preferred mostly for tourism purposes. Natural landscapes, wildlife, Niagara Falls and Toronto are the main attractions of Canada. Given the number of laws that this developed nation has maintained, exploring Canada without any guidance is not an easy task. A Canada tourist visa is a must if you want to explore the Maple country.

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Canada Tourist Visa- What is It?

If you want to explore the beauty of Canada, you are likely to apply for a visitor/tourist visa to enter the country as a temporary visitor. The Canada tourist visa is a sub visa that comes under the category of Temporary Resident visa.

The Border Patrol Officers (BPO) grant or reject the visa after a complete assessment of the applicants. They check whether or not the applicant is meeting all the requirements by the Government of Canada.

    A tourist visa for Canada is generally applicable for:
  • Tourism or Holidays
  • Visiting Relatives, Family or Friends

Nationals of a few countries exempted from carrying a visa, and are travelling to Canada through the air, then they might need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). However, the ETA is applicable for only a few countries which have good relations with Canada. Indian Nationals need to have a visa.

Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for a Tourist visa for Canada consider several conditions such as age, nationality, health standards, and various valid documents as proof. However, the points mentioned below will further help you understand the eligibility criteria for Canada Tourist Visa.

  • Indian nationals need to apply for a tourist visa before setting off to Canada.
  • Children below 18 years are exempted to apply for a tourist visa if they request to travel without their parents or guardians.
  • As per the health requirements, an applicant must have no chronic disease. However, it is recommended that an applicant with some disease has to inform the embassy about it. And hence, a medical examination is required.
  • You must be able to sponsor your stay in Canada with enough funds in the bank. The Bank balance must be maintained about the mentioned amount in the application form.
  • If your friends, family or relatives invited you over to see them in Canada, then the Letter of Invitation from their side need to be produced with the application form.

Tourist Visa for Canada- How to Apply?

You can apply for the Canada Tourist visa either online or offline. Now, once you are certain about the mode of applying, follow these steps for a successful visa process:-

  • After you finish applying for Canada tourist visa online, the next step requires your photos and fingerprints. You will be called upon for a biometric round and within 30 days you need to provide your biometrics.
  • Once you are through with the biometric process, your visa application moves further for processing. Your application and documents will be assessed completely, and if found incomplete, the application will be returned without processing.
  • You may be asked to get your medical examination done and attach the certificate with the application.
  • Your passport and other documents are returned to you after your application is processed. If your application is approved, the visa will be stamped inside your passport.
  • A tourist visa alone doesn’t guarantee that you can enter Canada. It is decided only at the time of your arrival after a primary inspection is done to ensure the right person is travelling to Canada.
  • If you pass the identity check and meet the entry requirements, the border services officer may stamp your passport or let you know how long you can stay in Canada. You are generally allowed to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.

As you can see, the process of obtaining a Canada tourist visa can be a daunting one. This process demands extreme caution. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that all the documents are correct. For this reason, hiring visa consultants becomes important. We at Ace Outsourcing, keep in mind every minor detail of your profile as we proceed further with your visa filing process.

Documents Needed to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa

The documents play an important role in deciding the time required for the procedure. To avoid delay or rejection of your Canada tourist visa application, you must provide all relevant documents in due time.

    The documents needed to apply for Canada tourist visa are:-
  • A valid passport. For a minimum period of 6 months from the date of travel
  • 3 photos as per Canada visa requirements
  • Filled and signed application forms
  • Leave sanction from college or schools or a NOC from employer
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Confirmed air tickets
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof that you will fly back home
  • Medical and police clearance certificates
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of Invitation (if required)

Canada Tourist Visa- Processing Time

The total processing time to obtain a Canada tourist visa in India completely depends upon the time required for the verification of the documents by the embassy after submitting the documents. Therefore, precise documentation can avoid any delay in the procedure and you may get your tourist visa for Canada stamped in 30-35 working days.

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How Ace Outsourcing Can Assist You in Acquiring Tourist Visa for Canada?

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