Canada Investor Visa

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Canada Investor Visa

To get Investor visa in Canada is all that any businessman would dream about after the USA because it is worlds one of the wealthiest economies. Canada has a lot of opportunities to offer to any business type from anywhere in the world. The Applicants for Canada Investor Visa makes every Canada Investor Visa Consultancy busy all the time with their questions. Canada has natural resources and Oil. It has the biggest real estate industry which attracts business from all over. It is the second largest country after the United States of America in information technology and service industry. Tourism is at its peak now a day. For more information about this investor visa, you may contact any Canada Investor Visa Consultants available in your country. And if you are in India and looking forward to applying for this investor visa you better contact one of the best Canada Investor Visa Consultants in India.

The number of investment visa for Canada application is growing year by year Quebec immigrant investor program Canada found nearly 23% more applications than last year in 2015- 2016 from all across the world by the investors who want to obtain Investor from Canada. Based on such opportunities and other facilities offered by Canada to the investors Canada has always been the top pick by the investors.

Canada has one program through which it offers Investor Visa that is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

Under this program, the visa issued is known as Investor Visa. Which is also very popular with another name in India as VIP business immigration Canada. Which required at least CAD $ 800,000 as the investment and with net assets worth CAD $ 1.6 million.

This program allows the investors to invest in Tourism and hotel, Real Estate, Farming, Commercial or other Industrial businesses.

After 3 years of living, the investor visa holder will automatically be considered as the permanent resident and after 5 years of living, they get Canadian citizenship with dual nationality. Such visa for investment in Canada for citizenship is all your required to apply for.

Canada is a world’s wealthiest economy due to its in natural resources and oil. One of the top immigrant’s country with diverse society and multicultural society.Quebec and Montreal are French speaking cities.Canada has Healthy and excellent relations with the neighbouring US. Canada welcomes successful business people who are seeking new opportunities and challenges.

  • Investment Name: Quebec immigrant investor program
  • Investment Needed: CAD$ 800,000 with net assets CAD$ 1.6 million
  • Qualifying Investments: Invest in farming, commercial or industrial business.
  • Visa Type: Investor visa
  • Permanent Residence: After 3 years of living
  • Canadian Citizenship: After 1806 days
  • Dual Nationality Allowed

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